Penn's Top 30 Best Professors

Here are the top 30 Penn professors, as ranked by their Penn Course Review instructor quality score out of 4.00 between 2009 and 2015. Those who are no longer teaching are noted.

  1. Gerald Kent (4.00)
    NURS-235 and NURS-322 (clinicals in psychiatric mental health)
  2. Adam Grant (3.97)
    MGMT-238 ("Organizational Behavior")
  3. Joseph Schatz (3.97)
    NURS-235 and NURS-322 (clinicals in psychiatric mental health)
  4. Kristen Sigafus (3.95)
    NURS-245 and NURS-270 (nursing clinicals)
  5. Feride Hatiboglu (3.94)
    TURK-021 ("Elementary Turkish I"), TURK-022 ("Elementary Turkish II"), TURK-023 ("Intermediate Turkish I"), TURK-024 ("Intermediate Turkish II"), TURK-122 ("Advanced Turkish Culture & Media II"), TURK-229 ("Ottoman Turkish I")
  6. Chih-Jen Lee (3.93)
    CHIN-021 ("Intensive Beginning Modern Chinese I & II"), CHIN-022 ("Intensive Beginning Modern Chinese III & IV"), CHIN-211 ("Intermediate Modern Chinese I"), CHIN-212 ("Intermediate Modern Chinese II"), CHIN-371 ("Advanced Spoken Mandarin I") and CHIN-372 ("Advanced Spoken Mandarin II")
  7. Svetlana Korshunova (3.93)
    RUSS-360 ("Literacy in Russian I"), RUSS-361 ("Literacy in Russian II") and RUSS-471 ("Moscow: The Cultural History")
  8. Beth Smith (3.92)
    no longer teaching at Penn: NURS-240 and NURS-270 (nursing clinicals)
  9. Mary Elizabeth Scallen (3.92)
    no longer teaching at Penn: THAR-120 ("Introduction to Acting")
  10. Melanie Peron (3.91)
    FREN-130 ("Intermediate French"), FREN-226 ("French Civilization from the Beginning to 1789") and FREN-227 ("Modern France: 1789-1945")
  11. Takaaki Kizu (3.91)
    JPAN-011 ("Beginning Japanese I"), JPAN-012 ("Beginning Japanese II"), JPAN-111 ("Beginning Japanese III") and JPAN-112 ("Beginning Japanese IV")
  12. Maria Alley (3.90)
    RUSS-001 ("Elementary Russian I"), RUSS-002 ("Elementary Russian II"), RUSS-003 ("Intermediate Russian I"), RUSS-004 ("Intermediate Russian II") and RUSS-311 ("Advanced Russian Conversation/Composition")
  13. Chaz Howard (3.90)
    AFRC-187 ("Topics in Africana Studies") and URBS-219 ("Heart of Social Change")
  14. Christine Jennings (3.90)
    NURS-210 and NURS-215 (nursing clinicals)
  15. Megan Snyder (3.90)
    NURS-220 and NURS-225 (nursing clinicals)
  16. Andrea Gazzoni (3.89)
    ITAL-110 ("Elementary Italian I"), ITAL-120 ("Elementary Italian II"), ITAL-130 ("Intermediate Italian I"), and TAL-140 ("Intermediate Italian II")
  17. Ronald Granieri (3.89)
    no longer teaching at Penn: HIST-002 ("Europe in a Wider World"), HIST-202 (seminar on "Europe Post-1800: Cold War"), HIST-328 ("Cold War: An International History") and HIST-420 ("European International Relations")
  18. Brian Peterson (3.89)
    AFRC-187 ("The History of Women and Men of African Descent at the University of Pennsylvania")
  19. Mercia Flannery (3.89)
    PRTG-134 ("Accelerated Intermediate Portuguese"), PRTG-202 ("Advanced Portuguese"), PRTG-215 ("Portuguese for the Professions I"), PRTG-221 ("Perspectives in Brazilian Culture") and PRTG-240 ("Popular Culture and Political Context in Brazilian Contemporary Cinema")
  20. Mustafa Menai (3.88)
    URDU-422 ("Intermediate Urdu II"), URDU-431 ("Advanced Urdu: Prose: Urdu in Religious Culture"), URDU-452 ("Urdu Poetry in Translation: Poetry Of Resistance, I Am Truth Anul Haq") and URDU-463 ("Sufism in Urdu Poetry")
  21. Regina Dos Santos (3.87)
    no longer teaching at Penn: PRTG-114 ("Portuguese for Spanish Speakers"), PRTG-134 ("Accelerated Intermediate Portuguese") and PRTG-240 ("Topics In Brazilian Culture: Popular Music And Cinema In 20th Century Brazil")
  22. Sarah Barringer Gordon (3.87)
    on sabbatical: HIST-231 ("Church and State in US Law") and HIST-325 ("Religion in American History")
  23. Jamie-Lee Josselyn (3.87)
    ENGL-010 ("Creative Writing")
  24. Ju-Hui Kao Chiu (3.87)
    no longer teaching at Penn: CHIN-011 ("Beginning Modern Chinese I"), CHIN-012 ("Beginning Modern Chinese II") and CHIN-212 (Intermediate Modern Chinese II")
  25. Qi Wang (3.86)
    CHIN-031 ("Beginning Reading/Writing Chinese I"), CHIN-032 ("Beginning Reading/Writing Chinese II"), CHIN-381 ("Business Chinese I") and CHIN-382 ("Business Chinese II")
  26. Alan Kors (3.86)
    HIST-201 (seminar on "Europe Pre-1800: French Enlightenment"), HIST-202 ("The Literature of Political Disillusionment"), HIST-212 ("Europe Post-1800: Classic Liberal Thought"), HIST-415 ("17th Century Intellectual History") and HIST-416 ("European Intellectual History in the 18th Century")
  27. Christina Frei (3.85)
    GRMN-101 ("Elementary German I"), GRMN-102 ("Elementary German II") and GRMN-203 ("Texts and Contexts")
  28. Dwight "David" Eisenhower (3.85)
    COMM-395 ("Communication & The Presidency")
  29. Jed Esty (3.85)
    ENGL-058 ("Modern Irish Literature") and ENGL-104 ("Study of a Period: The Twentieth Century")
  30. Thomas Donaldson (3.85)
    LGST-210 ("Corporate Responsibility and Ethics")