Housing Guide 2016

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10 easy foods to make in your dorm room ❭

Anything dipped in Nutella: Is an explanation needed?

9 easy, cost-effective ways to decorate your dorm room ❭

A college dorm room isn’t exactly the coziest place.

10 things to do if you get sexiled ❭

See it as a challenge to get some action yourself. Just, elsewhere.

What makes a great RA or GA ❭

Living in a dorm automatically entails close corridors, shared facilities, and of course, an RA or GA.

What to do if you land a bad roommate ❭

Sharing your personal space with other people can be difficult, especially while dealing with the stress of school.

The tightest freshman halls in the Quad ❭

Don't tell the freshmen in the New College House, Kings Court English College House or Stouffer College House, but every year the freshman halls of the Quad are the loudest in bragging about their closeness. Here are this year's five (self-proclaimed) contenders for the closest hall.

Quad v. New College House: Pros and cons ❭


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All the important dates you need to know for next year's housing ❭

Housing can be a confusing checklist item to navigate at Penn.

Should you stay on campus or move off campus? ❭

A comprehensive list of pros and cons for staying on-campus and off-campus.

Students have strong opinions on the New College House ❭

The New College House's freshman residents all seemed to share a positive sentiment. But some non-residents don’t look at Penn's newest dorm in the same way.