Your school. Your stories. Be a part of it.

Now is your chance. This 132-year-old news organization is an independent, million-dollar company that offers opportunities in editorial and business.

On the editorial side, you can do anything from writing news and sports stories to taking photos, designing pages and developing graphics for web. On the business side, you can sell ads, generate marketing campaigns, work with financial statements and so much more.

We will teach you everything you need to know—no prior experience is necessary. The skills you will learn here will be invaluable on your resume and in the real world, and you will have opportunities to lead and grow, personally and professionally.

Info Sessions

Tuesday, September 6th at 6:00PM in JMHH 370
Wednesday, September 7th at 6:00PM in JMHH 370

Open House

Thursday, September 8th from 6:00PM - 8:00PM at 4015 Walnut Street


News Reporting

Reporting for The Daily Pennsylvanian has led our alumni to The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, the AP and nearly every other major news publication in the U.S.

First-semester reporters have the opportunity to write for both print and online. You will learn about digital trends in journalism and about the complete editorial process of a daily newspaper.

If you find yourself constantly asking questions and enjoy writing, become a DP news reporter.

Copy Editing

The copy team has the important responsibility of editing our content for factual accuracy, as well as grammar, style and mechanics. Our editors work across departments to put together and deliver a consistent and coherent product for your daily news. They also generate headlines and create related links to engage our readers in print and online.

Our department is looking for people with a keen eye, a passion for reading and an eagerness to learn (experience not necessary). Copy editors engage actively in many parts of the production of the DP and gain valuable experience in working with a team. If you're interested in making a change to the DP, apply to Copy!

Sports Reporting

Our sportswriters cover everything Penn Athletics, including more than 30 intercollegiate sports teams as well as wide-reaching NCAA topics.

Our writers also travel around the country to cover those teams on press row, making trips to Hawaii, Tennessee, New York City and the NCAA Tournament in recent years.

If you want to translate your love of sports into something more constructive than just watching them on TV, you’re naturally curious and love to write, become a sportswriter and join the only section of the DP that matters.

Social Media

Our social media team maintains the DP's presence across today's most important platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram.

Team members work in-depth on innovative projects, utilizing analytics to find even more creative ways to reach and engage our audience as it moves increasingly online.

If you’re a social media phenom, take your skills to the next level and reach an audience of thousands of your peers by joining our social media team.


Our photojournalists use the latest DSLRs and lenses to cover major events around campus and across the country. Members of the photo staff have photographed famous figures from Barack Obama to Serena Williams, stood front row at live concerts from Miley Cyrus to Made in America, and traveled for special events from presidential inaugurations in Washington, D.C., to NCAA tournaments.

If you love sports and being right on the edge of the action, our photographers cover all Penn athletics and Ivy sports extensively.

Being a photographer for the DP also gives you an ideal opportunity to create and expand your portfolio, with the chance to practice with photo-editing software, including Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

No experience or equipment is required, just a desire to learn photojournalism.

Join and become a photographer — there’s no better way to learn and practice photojournalism while at Penn.


Designers at the DP put together the newspaper on a nightly basis, laying out pages and creating graphics for both print and online.

We use state-of-the-art software — Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign and electronic drawing tablets — to make the best product possible each night. With our recent print and online redesigns, we are taking the opportunity to expand into creating more dynamic infographics and interactive graphics.


As journalism moves into the Digital Age, The Daily Pennsylvanian's video department aims to capture the news first-hand. One of the younger parts of the organization, the video department is centered on growth and innovation. Video journalists can engage in a variety of opportunities, from on-scene reporting to regular shows and more.

The video department is looking for students with a variety of skills. Anybody interested in filming, anchoring, writing or editing can find a niche in DP video. No experience is necessary, and only one quality is needed: passion.


The DP is the best place on campus to show off your skills in web development and design. If you know how to build interactive web pages using Javascript, HTML, and CSS, your work could be seen by thousands of viewers. Build up your portfolio by creating interactives and special pages seen by thousands of viewers each week.

If you have a passion for creating beautiful, fun, and eye catching pages, Web is for you. We're also actively looking to expand our scope through mobile app development, CMS management, and even some hardware hacking.

If you think you have something to bring to DP Web, you probably do. Come to one of our sessions, or contact Andrew Fischer to learn more. Also, check out this page's source :]

Editorial Analytics

The Editorial Analytics Department uses data and statistical analysis to help the DP tailor its content to the Penn community. Editorial Analytics staffers determine what stories Penn students want to read and how they want to read them. They aggregate data from Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, and Twitter Analytics to determine the language, story formats, and topics that most engage readers and boost readership. Members of the Editorial Analytics team have the opportunity to work closely with editors and reporters to present their findings and develop tailored plans to improve readership.


DP advertising representatives hit the streets running, serving our current customers and bringing in new business. Besides earning commissions on ads you sell, you’ll learn valuable business skills such as making presentations, managing time, communicating effectively, writing business letters and providing good customer service. Simply put, you’ll gain experience you can use to land that first job.


The Marketing department provides a variety of experiences related to promotional strategy. You will conduct market research, generate branding campaigns and promotional materials and collaborate with all of the editorial and business departments to increase sales and readership.

The Marketing department also provides marketing services to our extensive list of customers in the community. You will have the opportunity to design marketing campaigns and sponsorships for clients that range from local businesses to the university itself.

Internal Consulting

$100,000. That's how much money the DP has pledged to spend over the next two years on innovation. Internal Consulting is looking for entrepreneurial and creative students to help shape and implement innovation projects that will bring the DP closer to its readers and generate new revenue streams. Members of the Internal Consulting team will also streamline and optimize the DP's internal organization, providing students with valuable experience in management consulting.


Circulation staffers are the DP's street team, and they are the ones you see handing out papers on Locust Walk and across campus every day. If you're friendly, dependable and loud — and want to earn $10 an hour — this is the department for you.

Business Analytics

The Business Analytics Department uses data and statistical analysis to answer The Daily Pennsylvanian, Inc.'s most pressing business questions. Business Analytics staffers provide data-driven research and analysis to support and achieve the best possible revenue growth strategies and financial success. They work closely with members of the Advertising, Circulation, and Marketing Departments to improve business functions across the DP. Members of the Business Analytics team will gain experience in languages and software including R, SPSS, and SQL. Business Analytics staffers will also have the opportunity to pitch their own analytics project on an issue affecting the DP and present their finished projects to the DP's Board of Directors.

Sponsored Content

The Sponsored Content Team creates sponsored content and promotional materials (including copy, photo, video, and graphic design) for local businesses at Penn. This involves everything from creating promotional materials commissioned by a client to managing a client's social media to creating native advertising pieces that promote a client in a creative way. Members of the Sponsored Content Team will also create engaging, standalone DP content and work with the Advertising Department to secure local sponsorships for that content. The sponsored content team is recruiting writers, photographers, videographers, and designers who are looking to generate revenue in a brand-new department and build their marketing and business skills. Members of the Sponsored Content Team will be eligible to receive commission on the projects that they sell.

34th Street

34th Street Magazine is Penn's arts, culture and social authority. We cover the best and worst of Penn life with opinion, wit and flair.

Street is either the coolest collection of weirdos or the weirdest collection of cool-os at this school. We’re thankful to have so many excited and passionate people working for us this semester. We hope that you will be one of them. We're looking for writers, photographers, designers, artists, web designers and videographers. We want people to take pictures of #foodporn #streeeats, review existential art (is that art?) and scoop the latest downtown drama.

Our first writer's meeting is September 1st at 6:30pm. Questions, comments or concerns? Contact Emily Johns.

Under the Button

Under The Button is Penn, unbuttoned.

And we want to hire you.

UTB is Penn’s most-read blog and your only 24/7 source for all things Penn! Imagine us as your cool, connected friend who has eyes all over campus. The friend who knows everything going on at Penn, and wants you to know too. From immediate and relevant news, to the weird, funny things you see every day, Under the Button IS Penn online, and we’ll always be here to tell you what’s up, make you laugh and distract you from work — we promise.

Sound like something you’re into? Apply to write for us! Under the Button is getting ready to accept applications for fall contributors.

We pull from all over Penn — ALL years, ALL schools, NO experience necessary. If you love writing, if you’re a Penn expert, or if you’re looking for your place at Penn, this is it. UTB is it.

Questions? Concerns? Compliments, perhaps? Send them to Matt Kelemen or come to one of our recruitemnt meetings!