Super Bowl LII

Complete coverage of how the Eagles vs. Patriots at Super Bowl LII affects Penn from The Daily Pennsylvanian, 34th Street Magazine, and Under the Button.

Fan on pole and fireworks

Penn joins Philadelphia as fireworks, chaos, and celebrations erupt across the city

Eagles fans were seen climbing traffic poles and moving vehicles in various states of undress. By midnight, cars had been turned over and multiple traffic poles had been taken down.

Crowds in front of City Hall

University operations will continue during Super Bowl parade on Thursday

The parade will 'tentatively' start near Broad Street and Pattison Avenue before heading north towards the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Confetti on the field after the Eagles' win

Margolis | Going to the Super Bowl was the best weekend of my life

People keep asking me, 'was this the best weekend of your life?' My response: "There isn't even a close second."

Center City

The Eagles have won the Super Bowl for the first time ever

To gauge reactions across campus and Philadelphia, The Daily Pennsylvanian dispatched reporters across the city to see how fans are responding.

Broad Street

Jacobson | To Bird Gang, the best fans in the world — I'm yours

The scene on Broad Street after the Eagles clinched their Super Bowl berth was magical, and Sports Editor Cole Jacobson cites it as a reason he's in Philadelphia to stay.

Student experiencing game in person

These lucky Penn students to experience Super Bowl in person

Given Penn's location in Philadelphia and the Eagles' first Super Bowl appearance in 13 years, The Daily Pennsylvanian spoke with fortunate Penn students attending Super Bowl LII this Sunday.

Penn Museum statue

For many Penn students, this Super Bowl will be an event to remember forever

This time around, Super Bowl season actually matters for Philly, and Penn is getting in on the fun. As the Philadelphia Eagles get set to take on the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII, Penn's campus is filled with fervent support for the Birds.

Patriots fans

Behind enemy lines: Patriots fans in Philly prep to root against hometown team

A lot of people would be bothered by the scoffs and dirty looks that come from wearing an opposing team's jersey in Philly. But not the Patriots fans. In fact, they seem to enjoy it.

Eagles championship 1960

Throwback to the Eagles' last NFL Championship win, 57 years ago

Even though the Eagles have no Super Bowl rings, they have been crowned league champions three separate times, the last time being in 1960 at Penn's very own Franklin Field.

From 34th Street Magazine

Super Bowl movies

Movies to Prep You for the Super Bowl

No field experience needed. From 34th Street Magazine.

Philadelphia fans

In Defense of Philadelphia Sports Fans

Sports fandom is in Philadelphia's DNA. From 34th Street Magazine.

Super Bowl underdog songs

Go Birds: Seven Songs for the Underdogs

Celebrate the Eagles' underdog success story with these scrappy tunes. From 34th Street Magazine.

Super Bowl part snacks

How to Throw the Most Banging Super Bowl Party

Because only good snacks can bring rival teams together. From 34th Street Magazine.

Places to watch Super Bowl

The Best Places to Watch the Super Bowl in Philly

The best places to find a crowd of sympathetic faces this Sunday. Patriots fans beware. From 34th Street Magazine.

From Under the Button

Eagles vs. Patriots

Eagles vs. Patriots

How the clash between two American symbols represents a nation divided. From Under the Button.


BREAKING: Philadelphia Education Budget to Go to Keeping Eagles Fans Off Street Poles

City pride has never been so pervasive in Philadelphia. From Under the Button.


'I Don't Care Too Much About the Eagles,' Claims Junior Prepping Molotov Cocktails

It's only a few days until the Super Bowl, and the energy in Philadelphia is undeniably electric. From Under the Button.