Midterm Elections Guide

Voting essentials on election day

Not sure where to go or what you’re voting for? Here’s a comprehensive guide to take you from your doorstep to the ballot box.

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You know this midterm election will have wide-ranging repercussions, but you’re not quite sure why. Here’s a selection of stories from The DP that can help get you up to speed.


Key members of the Penn community and The DP’s columnists weigh in on the upcoming election.

Quakers on the ballot

The number of people running in the midterm election this year is one of the highest in a generation. They include various Penn alumni — many of them women.

What's At Stake

2018 Capitol Hill

President Donald Trump labeled the midterm elections "one of the most important of our lifetime." New Jersey Senator Cory Booker (D) called them "the most important election of our lifetime."

Much is at stake come Nov. 6 — Republicans could lose control of both houses of Congress, Democrats could gain an opportunity to launch investigations into the Trump White House, and on local levels 87 of the 99 state legislature chambers and 36 governorships could turn over.

The fallout from the elections will affect Penn in a variety of ways, from Supreme Court decisions that could spell the end of affirmative action to higher education laws that could change the way financial aid is distributed.

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Voting essentials on election day

What first-time voters should know on Nov. 6

filling out a voter registration form

Everything you need to know to physically vote, including where to go, what to bring, and what to expect when you enter the voting booth.

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How the candidates stand on the issues

voting stations

In the Senate, we have two-term incumbent Bob Casey Jr. going up against Republican challenger Lou Barletta. For the House, there’s Congressman Dwight Evans (D) facing off against Republican Bryan Leib. Here’s where they stand on key issues.

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affirmative crowd illustration

Julia Mitchell | Tired of partisan squabbles? Take a note from local politicians

Snake Pit Memos | Local politics is centered on day-to-day problems that matter to voters
gif of ballots going into ballot box

Spencer Swanson | Don't Boo. Vote.

Spencer's Space | Making sure you maximize your impact on the 2018 midterm elections

Lucy Hu | How to save our democracy in November

Fresh Take | Campaign spending ruins free elections

Guest Column by Benjamin Oh | Asian American voter turnout has been low. That needs to change.

Why do Asian communities with diverse political opinions and genuine concerns vote at such low rates?

Quakers on the ballot

Portrait of Mary Gay Scanlon

Penn fostered her love for public service. Now, 1984 Law grad Mary Gay Scanlon is running for Congress.

Penn Law graduate Mary Gay Scanlon won the Democratic primary election this May for Pennsylvania's 5th Congressional District.
Portrait of Susan Wild

Penn Dems gets behind Susan Wild, who is looking to break Pa.'s all-male congressional delegation

Penn Democrats are kicking off midterm season by traveling an hour out of Philadelphia to Allentown, Pa. They hope to help elect Democrat Susan Wild to replace former republican representative Patrick Meehan.
Portrait of Lauren Lareau

Lauren Lareau: the single mom and Penn grad taking on a Republican incumbent

From 34th Street: The Penn alum and single mother challenges a Republican incumbent in Bucks County.
Portrait of Josh Gottheimer

At Penn, he was IFC President and a scholar. Now, Josh Gottheimer seeks a second term in Congress.

1997 College alumnus Josh Gottheimer is running for Congressional re-election in New Jersey's 5th District on Nov. 6.