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The Daily Pennsylvanian editorial departments work together to find and tell the most important stories on campus. Whether it's diving deep into an investigative story or capturing snapshots of people at the frontlines of Penn's history, the DP editorial side never stops making a difference.







Social Media

Web Dev


By joining News, you will learn not only how to report and investigate stories relevant to Penn’s campus and students, but also the intricacies of student life and University operations. Reporters uncover news important to the Penn community by illuminating student stories and holding the institutions and our University accountable. Whether it’s breaking news or investigative journalism, your storytelling has the ability to enact real change on campus.

The Real-Time Desk is also housed in the News department, and is for those who want to report on breaking news and write aggregated news posts with a lesser time commitment.

Follow in the footsteps of DP News alumni who work for publications like The New York Times, Forbes, and The Washington Post, to name a few. No journalistic experience required — only curiosity and dedication.

Less than 10 percent of Engineering students are black or Latino. But this is changing. → Was Trump really a top student at Wharton? His classmates say not so much → CAPS says students decide when their treatment ends — but students disagree → Why the College has 52 percent of Penn students, but gets 60 percent of total tuition revenue →

DP Sports is a place where you can grow not only as a writer and a reporter, but also as a person. We spend really valuable time with each and every person on our team to ensure that they can develop good writing, critical thinking, and research/investigative skills that will help them no matter where they end up.

We’re a family, above all else, and we have an amazing time going on field trips, throwing watch parties, and really engaging with different parts of the Penn community.

So if you like watching sports, if you like talking to interesting people, if you like to travel, or if you like to spend all your spare time on the intramural circuit, DP Sports is totally the place for you. No experience required, just an interest in sports and desire to learn. Student-athletes are welcome to apply!

Penn hired its Athletic Director's husband as a coach. Then the questions started. → Meet the tallest man in the Ivy League: Penn men's basketball's Mark Jackson → How Michelle Nwokedi became the 'socialite' of Penn women's basketball → Penn men's basketball secures NCAA tournament bid by beating Harvard in title thriller → Penn athletes wanted easier access to mental health resources. Their obstacle? CAPS. →

The Daily Pennsylvanian is looking for creative, engaging, and dedicated writers to pen weekly or biweekly opinion columns for Penn's independent student newspaper. The best columnists do more than tell stories or argue their opinions — they identify topics relevant to the Penn community.

Your writing and reporting skills will improve tremendously, and you will have the rare opportunity to reach thousands of people with every column you write.

We are also looking for talented artists to create funny, insightful, and poignant cartoons. Being an opinion artist requires time and dedication, as well as the ability to make a point using few words.

Isabella Simonetti | How hookup culture has stolen our manners → Amy Chan | Kicking and screaming into adulthood → Rebecca Alifimoff | How Aziz Ansari made me rethink rape culture at Penn → Calvary Rogers | Avoiding the bird’s eye view: integrating ourselves in Philadelphia → Mateen Tabatabaei | What Amy Wax's critics get wrong → Sara Merican | Speaking a different English →

The Daily Pennsylvanian's Copy Department is now editing Under the Button content and sports articles! Join our super fun team in reviewing and fact checking everything from breaking news to satirical videos. Come help us keep our content concise, consistent, and considerate.

From the people who brought the DP the Oxford comma.

The DP's Official Style Guide →

The Design Department is looking for designers, artists, and illustrators with all ranges of experience to join us in producing The Daily Pennsylvanian and 34th Street Magazine’s print and online visual content.

We use the full Adobe Creative Suite — mainly Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign — along with various online platforms for data visualization.

If you are interested in creating aesthetic content from front page centerpieces to online graphics, then DP Design is for you!

Illustrations, Legacies make up a sixth of Penn undergraduates. Experts disagree whether this needs to change. → 34th Street Magazine Penn 10 Issue, April 25, 2018 → Data visualization, Financially Speaking: A Guide to Financial Aid at Penn → Illustrations, OCR's shift from spring to fall has changed where and when Penn students study abroad →

The Multimedia Department is looking for staffers with a love for photography, videography, cinematography, and cool aesthetics to join us in creating modern content for The Daily Pennsylvanian.

We use the Adobe suite as well as the latest DSLR cameras and lenses to cover major events on campus and across the country. Our staff has covered famous figures including the likes of Joe Biden and Usain Bolt, stood front row at Made in America, and traveled for special events including presidential campaign stops and NCAA tournaments.

As a Multimedia department staffer, you are not applying solely to work on photography or videography. Rather, you will be trained and prepped in both areas by experienced leaders in both fields.

No experience or personal equipment is required, but is always appreciated. Join us in making transformative content for an award-winning media company!

The 124th Running of the Penn Relays → A class trip to Israel and Jordan through a Penn student's eyes → Penn vs. Kansas: Behind the Scenes → Super Bowl LII: Philadelphia Broad Street Riots → Philadelphians take to the streets to celebrate the Eagles' Super Bowl victory → A Penn Freshman on #NeverAgain → 2017: A Year in Photos → Top 7 places to go on a first date →

The DP Social Media Department is looking for staffers to do a variety of exciting jobs in social media!

We are especially looking for people who are looking to try their hand at writing our daily newsletter, people to write stories about exciting events happening around Philadelphia and within the Ivy League, and people with a good knowledge of Instagram to help grow our Instagram presence.

If you're interested in the digital future of journalism, want to be on the front lines of what's going on around Penn, or just have 🔥 emoji game, the Social Media Department is the department for you!

The Daily Pennsylvanian Facebook → The Daily Pennsylvanian Twitter → DP Sports Twitter → The Daily Pennsylvanian Instagram →

Web developers at the DP have the opportunity to work on a number of diverse and complex projects. The DP runs multiple full-stack apps, regularly creates standalone pages for special issues or interactive projects, and builds internal tools for both the editorial and business sides.

As a web developer, you'll get experience working with GitHub, as well as a wide array of programming languages. We maintain apps built with Ruby on Rails, use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for our project pages, and regularly build tools with JavaScript, Python, and Ruby.

Coders at all skill levels are encouraged to join!

DP Projects, a full list of all project pages we've developed → Outquote, a JavaScript tool to make branded quote cards → Events@Penn, a full-stack Ruby on Rails app → Explore the data, code, and methodology behind our data projects → Check out all of our open source work on our GitHub →

Calling all podcast enthusiasts! DP Podcasts is looking for new hosts, writers, and editors. Join this burgeoning department as we attempt to expand the breadth and depth of our current podcast offerings. We are looking for storytellers and commentators from diverse backgrounds.

Are you weirdly passionate about something on campus? Do you have interesting opinions? If you join our department, we can turn that into a podcast!

A Legacy of Privilege, Quite Frankly → ivyQueens, Bottoms on Top → Gay Christmas, Bottoms on Top → Disoriented at Penn, 1600 Penn →


The Daily Pennsylvanian is a $3-million, student-run media organization. Our incredible teams work together to market our products and sustain our business. Through the DP, students experience working for a real company, with real staffers, clients, and revenues. Join one of our teams to gain an invaluable, hands-on experience unlike any other.





Students in our Marketing Department work to showcase and enhance the brand identities of our publications and sections, including 34th Street, Under the Button, News, and Sports.

Within the internal marketing team, students work to create social media, events, and merchandising that enhance our brand image.

Students working for the DP Product Lab host focus groups and create marketing content for our clients, helping our advertising team meet client needs. We're looking specifically for staffers interested in creating multimedia (video and photo) content.

Join our Marketing team to gain experience with branding, merchandising, and promotion.

Verb Energy Bars Sponsored Video → Meet Parvis and his micro-world at Woven Treasures → Which Gia Pronto Kitchen salad are you? → Jane G’s Dim Sum House: fresh made-to-order dim sum →

The Daily Pennsylvanian's Advertising Department offers students hands-on consulting experience with local and national clients.

Advertising representatives work to understand the problems facing businesses today. With the help of our outstanding analytics and marketing teams, advertising representatives consult with their clients to determine the best ways to reach the Penn community.

Products representatives handle include traditional print and digital advertising in addition to alternative services such as flyering, events, and merchandising.

The Daily Pennsylvanian Media Packet →

DP Analytics is a department undergoing a lot of transformation, and we're ready to make big moves to help propel the DP into the digital-first age.

Using statistical software and coding languages like R and Python, the Analytics Department works on both the editorial and business sides of the operation to use stores of data in order to track our readership numbers, understand our audience, predict advertising trends, and pursue new content opportunities.

We are a financially independent organization; there's no better place on campus where your work can directly affect a real business.


Readership model to predict pageviews

A/B testing on publication websites (particularly with headlines) using Google Optimize

Creating a data-based advertising strategy

As the Daily Pennsylvanian, Inc. continues to grow and evolve, we continue to look to explore new fields and build new services. The DP is looking for creative and bold new ideas to better serve the student body.

With a large amount of creative freedom and a talented staff to draw from, the DP may be the place to make your idea a reality.

Events@Penn → DP Alumni Association →

Circulation staffers are the DP's street team, and they are the ones you see handing out papers on Locust Walk and across campus every day.

If you're friendly, dependable, and loud — and want to earn $10 an hour — this is the department for you. Join an incredible team with a great culture filled with good times and social activities.

34th Street Magazine

We're so happy you clicked on this page! It's quite possibly the best decision you've made in the last half-hour. At least we hope.

Whether you're a Penn student, an internet pervert, or a pyramid scammer, we want YOU to apply for 34th Street! Just kidding. Internet perverts, move along. Penn students and pyramid scammers, have we found the magazine for you.

And who are we? So glad you asked. 34th Street Magazine is your authority on Penn student life. We are a student magazine that empowers student voices, sheds light on student issues, and provides timely commentary on campus culture and arts. The opportunities at Street are endless: You can write cover stories, help envision marketing campaigns, design and lay out issues, attend press movie screenings, and so much more.

And that's why we need you all! If you can write, design, take videos, take pictures, draw, or market the hell out of Street, then we want you to apply to be on staff. You won’t regret it! We promise!

Eating Disorders Don't Discriminate → Dating while Asian at Penn: The Fine Line between Fetish and Preference → We Talked to John Krasinski About His New Horror Film → The Colored Girls Museum: Philly's Hidden Gem → Love Issue 2018 →

Under the Button

Under the Button is Penn’s daily source for humor and satire.

Our writing staff works around the clock to report on the stories that other media organizations wouldn’t dare touch (due to editorial standards) and our video/media staff works to capture the true Penn experience through the lens of a camera that we stole from the DP.

We are looking for talented writers, videographers, graphic designers, social media editors, and all-around funny people! Join us!

Op-Ed: We Need to Normalize Failure but Preferably Not My Failure Right Now → UTB Video: The Toothpaster → Penn Accidentally Sends Acceptances to Every 17- and 18-Year-Old Member of The Top 1%, Will Not Rescind Any → Donald Trump's Junior Year Transcript →

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