For close to 140 years the Daily Pennsylvanian has been a news publication, a Penn student activity and a life-changing educational non-profit organization. Our organization has always and continues to be driven by our student staff’s dedication and determination to deliver news, content and information, unfiltered, to the Penn community. Supporting the DP today will help to ensure that tradition and sustain our legacy of providing Penn students with transformational experiences for generations to come.
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Within my time as a DP summer intern, I gained several different editorial and management skills, and was also given the opportunity to develop close working relationships with fellow interns and my mentor from The Philadelphia Inquirer. The program gave interns and the overall summer season at the DP a sense of greater impetus and purpose. We are all very lucky to have received alumni support to further not only our personal growth as journalists, but to contribute greatly to the overall success of the company.

pia singh

Deputy News Editor & DP 2020 Summer Internship participant

Participating in the DP summer internship program allowed me to do some of the most meaningful journalism of my career. I was able to hone my on-the-ground reporting and writing skills, with which I had almost no experience until this summer. At the same time, I continued to refine my photojournalism capabilities and tell the stories most important to the Penn and Philadelphia communities, including the Black Lives Matter protests and the multi-faceted impact of the pandemic. Without the support of my alumni mentors and the alumni who helped to fund the program, I have no doubt that I would not be as well positioned as I am today to become a professional journalist.

chase sutton

Senior Photographer



An association, a network and really just a family! The DPAA and our alumni are the heartbeat of our organization. Every year, DP alumni generously give time, guidance and the funds we need to operate and advance our organization. Our students are incredibly lucky to have such an available and supportive volunteer alumni community working closely with them.

The best part about the DPAA is that it will ALWAYS be a loyal network of support for our students and alumni long after their Penn journeys have ended.

I am proud of the role our Board played in this pivotal time for the University and for American Society.

Stuart Friedman

DP Associate Editor, 1965-1966

Judge, Court of Common Press, Ohio

The Daily Pennsylvanian was one of the most prestigious activities on campus, even though journalism was not one of the stronger undergraduate programs. Most were there for the experience, access and fun.

Thomas Scotes

DP Managing Editor 1953

I remember being the DP newsroom when the news crossed the wire that Vice President Agnew resigned. For the first time, I really felt a part of the national news media.

Patrick Gallagher

DP Features Editor, 1974

Senior VP, Edward Howard

On 9/11/2001: It had been a long and horrific day. But we took a moment to quietly recognize the obvious: this was the biggest one-day news story in history. And, in our humble way, we had the solemn privilege of being there to cover it.

Alex Wong

DP Columnist, 2000-01

Judicial Clerk, US Appeals Court



UPenn students have always been at the forefront of social justice issues and its solutions, and wherever it happens, the DP is there to spotlight extraordinary causes and individuals to spread awareness and to bring to our attention important events that demand to be noticed.

From uncovering unjust surveillance, participating in sit-ins, and protesting police brutality, student activism has evolved tremendously over the years and continues to be one of the Quakers community’s most distinctive characteristics. The DP evolves just as our community does, inspired to keep up with its achievements and dedicated to sharing them to the wider world.

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