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We are The Daily Pennsylvanian, the newspaper by and for the students of the University of Pennsylvania. When our readers open “the DP” every morning, they open a world of campus and city news, feature stories, sports, commentary, advertising, and much more. Whether in our daily newspaper, our weekly magazine, our special issues, or our websites, The Daily Pennsylvanian is the first read for the Penn community.

In an era when we often hear about the struggles of mass-market commercial newspapers and about students only getting their information online, The Daily Pennsylvanian thrives as a community newspaper because we remain relevant to our audience of devoted readers. And for our advertisers, that’s why we are a proven and eff ective way — and still the best way — to reach Penn. We off er multiple media in print, online and out-of-home that reach diff erent segments of the Penn market, from students to faculty and staff to parents and alumni, allowing you to choose the medium or media mix that best suits your advertising needs.

The Penn Market

Students Male Female
Undergraduate 5,535 6,053
Graduate 6,032 7,256
Total 11,567 13,309
Total Students:


Faculty 7,190
Administration 10,534
Total Employees:


Total Penn Community:



  • 23,144

    Penn students, faculty, and staff
    read The Daily Pennsylvanian weekly. 6,000 copies of the newspaper are distributed daily
  • The Daily Pennsylvanian is published Monday through Thursday mornings when Penn classes are in session, 116 days each year.
  • Distributed free at


    campus-area high-traffi c locations such as dorms, dining halls, libraries, classrooms, and administrative buildings.

About DP Readers

Spring 2014 and 2015 market research studies of college students nationally, and of Penn students and faculty/staff locally, show:

  • 76% of Penn undergraduates, and more than 50% of Penn community members, read the newspaper at least once a week.
  • The University of Pennsylvania is Philadelphia’s largest non-government employer — and more than 6,000 members of Penn’s faculty and staff read the newspaper each week.
  • DP readers travel to Center City more than 100,000 times per month.
  • Every year, DP readers spend $22 million on clothing, $8 million on computers and software-related products, $775,000 on salon services, and $4.5 million on furniture.
  • Student DP readers’ monthly discretionary spending is $250 — 27% more than the national college student average of $197.
  • Nearly 17,000 Penn students live in a house or apartment off-campus.
  • DP readers spend $82 million each year eating out; they dine out at sit-down restaurants more than 92,000 times per week.
  • More than 52% of DP readers have access to cars for easy travel to all areas of Philadelphia, the suburbs, and beyond.


The Daily Pennsylvanian

Our flagship publication, The Daily Pennsylvanian, is the award-winning daily student newspaper at the University of Pennsylvania. The Daily Pennsylvanian is frequently recognized as one of the top college newspapers in the country. The DP delivers to the Penn community local, relevant campus news, sports and commentary — plus the New York Times crossword puzzle, Sudoku, and hundreds of ads for products and services.

Special Issues

The Daily Pennsylvanian and 34th Street Magazine publish a variety of special issues that correspond to seasonal and Penn events. From introductory new student and backto-school editions to end-of-semester finals issues, from football and basketball season previews to guides to Philadelphia dining and off-campus living, these issues off er advertisers an opportunity to reach an affl uent and targeted audience.


TheDP.com and its related websites contain the full editorial content of each day’s Daily Pennsylvanian, each 34th Street Magazine (34st.com), PDF versions of both publications’ print editions (including all the ads), plus content available exclusively online. For students, the most popular section of our website is UnderTheButton.com, an online-only campus lifestyle blog that is Penn’s 24/7 source for local news, gossip and entertainment. TheDP.com also provides multimedia videos and photo slideshows, Penn-related links from around the web, more than two decades of archived articles, breaking news updates, reader feedback, as well as Facebook and Twitter links. Online readers — students, faculty/ staff and many Penn parents and alumni — view hundreds of thousandands of web pages each month on theDP.com on their phones, computers, and other mobile devices.

34th Street Magazine

Read by more students than any other magazine on the Penn campus, 34th Street is the award-winning Th ursday arts, entertainment, and culture magazine section of The Daily Pennsylvanian. It prepares readers for the weekend with the latest music, film, and restaurant reviews, as well as engages them with in-depth feature stories and entertains them with humor.

Under The Button

The Summer Pennsylvanian

There are nearly 10,000 students, administrators, faculty, and staff who remain on Penn’s campus during the summer, working and/or participating in classes. The Summer Pennsylvanian, with a circulation of 3,000 copies distributed free on Th ursdays at approximately 45 campus-area locations, helps them beat the Philadelphia heat. As the only weekly campus publication during the summer session, The Summer Pennsylvanian off ers coverage of campus news and events, plus a weekly guide to Philadelphia’s summer entertainment scene.

Summer at Penn

Penn hosts summer programs for students from high school through graduate school, running from two weeks to more than two months. Summer At Penn, with a circulation of 7,000 copies, is a visitor’s guide magazine that covers everything Penn’s sum- mer program attendees need to know about getting around campus and life in University City. It highlights topics such as where to eat on campus and can’t-miss events in University City and downtown.

Ad Submission Guidelines

Electronic Format

Print Ads

Ads saved as PDF files are preferred, since a PDF file embeds all graphics and fonts into a single, complete file. We can also accept files saved in TIFF or EPS format. Web file formats, such as GIF, JPEG, and PNG will generally not reproduce well in print and should not be submitted.

We can also accept native files from InDesign, QuarkXPress, Illustrator or Photoshop. For best compatibility, Mac files are preferred. We cannot publish, but can re-create, ads from PowerPoint or Microsoft Word. We cannot accept files from Microsoft Publisher.

Ad Sizes: Ads submitted electronically which are not built to the correct column widths will be re-sized.

Resolution: Photos for ads submitted electronically should be scanned at 170 dpi or higher. Ads are output and printed at 100 lpi.

Fonts: If you submit a file in PDF format, you must make sure all fonts are embedded when the PDF file is created. If you submit a file in any other format, you must supply all fonts used in your ad. Only Mac fonts are acceptable; Windows fonts will not work. The Daily Pennsylvanian reserves the right to substitute similar fonts if a font is corrupted or not supplied.

Color: All color advertisements are printed using the four process CMYK colors. Please convert any color text or graphics from RGB to CMYK color.

Internet Ads

You can design an ad (GIF or JPEG format preferred) and send us the file to host on our ad server. Animation is acceptable, but audio is not. You must also provide the URL of the page to which you want your ad linked. For Internet banner ads, you can also send us the HTML code for an ad to run on your ad server.

Ad Sizes: Ads submitted electronically which are not built to the correct banner size will be re-sized.

Resolution Ads should be saved at a resolution of 96 dpi or pixels/inch. (72 dpi is also acceptable.)

Color: All files should be saved in RGB color format.

File Size: Maximum file size is 500k.

Placement & Delivery

Ads submitted electronically are preferred. Ads may be emailed or supplied on USB Flash Drives or CDs. When using email and submitting multiple files (such as fonts), it is advisable to compress all files into a single Zip file.

Alternatively, The Daily Pennsylvanian can download an ad from your website or FTP site. The Daily Pennsylvanian can also create an ad for you. Basic design is included in the cost of the ad. A large number of photographs or extensive typing is subject to additional production charges. Any artwork submitted by the advertiser will not be returned unless the advertiser requests it. There are several ways to place an ad:

  • By Email: advertising@theDP.com
    Compose a message which includes:
    • your name, address, phone number
    • description of what you are submitting
    • the size of the ad you want
    • the date(s) you want the ad to run.
  • By Phone: (215) 422-4640
    Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Note: Ads cannot be accepted solely over the phone. Written confirmation (via email or fax) of both your ad order and your credit card authorization are required.
  • By Fax: (215) 422-4646
    Instructions, text, or rough layouts only; fax quality does not allow logos, photos, or layouts to be used.
  • By Mail:
                                Advertising Office
                                The Daily Pennsylvanian
                                4015 Walnut Street
                                Philadelphia, PA 19104
  • In Person: 4015 Walnut Street, 2nd floor, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Policies & Information

Ad Submission

All advertising is subject to acceptance by The Daily Pennsylvanian, which reserves the right to reject any advertisement at its sole discretion at any time prior to publication. The Daily Pennsylvanian will not knowingly publish advertisements which unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, age, sex, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, ancestry, or physical handicap.

The Daily Pennsylvanian will make all reasonable effort to see that advertising is published, displayed or distributed as ordered and accepted. However, The Daily Pennsylvanian will not be responsible for any consequential damages resulting from failure to do so.

Advertisers and agencies forwarding insertion orders which contain incorrect rates or conditions are advised that the advertising called for will be inserted and charged in accordance with the rates and regulations stated in this Rate Book and The Daily Pennsylvanian Basic Advertising Contract.

The advertiser and/or agency agrees to assume full and complete responsibility and liability for the content (including text representations, illustrations, and copyrights) of any advertisements placed in The Daily Pennsylvanian and/or its related print and online publications and/or its other advertising products and services.

Advertising cancelled after the deadline for publication will be removed from the issue, but the advertiser remains liable for payment of the full cost of the ad.

Annual Contracts

Annual Contract advertising agreements commit an advertiser to run a specified dollar amount of advertising during a 12-month period in return for discounted advertising rates. Advertisers who do not fulfill their Annual Contract agree to pay, at termination, a short rate (adjustment) for all advertising discounted under the contract.

Advertisers may upgrade to a larger contract, at a lower rate, at any time during the contract. The new rate will be effective for all advertising run after the date of the upgrade, but the new rate is not retroactive to advertising previously run.

The Annual Contract rates in this Rate Book are not guaranteed beyond August 15, 2016. An advertiser whose Annual Contract expires after August 15, 2016 will pay the published 2016-17 rate for the same contract level.

Annual Contracts and contract upgrades must be approved by The Daily Pennsylvanian’s Director of Sales & Marketing before becoming effective.

Errors & Adjustments

The Daily Pennsylvanian will be responsible for errors in advertisements only in proportion to the bearing that the error has in relation to the entire ad, as determined by the Finance Manager of The Daily Pennsylvanian.

The Daily Pennsylvanian will not consider adjustment of payment for any advertisement involving typographical errors or erroneous insertion unless notice is given to the Finance Manager within ten (10) days of the first monthly statement. The Daily Pennsylvanian will not be liable for more than one incorrect insertion of any advertisement.

Credit & Billing

All ads must be paid at the time of placement unless a creditaccount has been previously established and maintained in goodstanding. You must submit a credit application to apply for acredit account. Credit will be extended at the discretion of TheDaily Pennsylvanian, which reserves the right to request paymentin advance or to cancel credit privileges at any time.

Statements are mailed at the end of each month; invoices are not sent for individual ads. Terms: net 30 — that is, payment in full is due 30 days from the end-of-month statement date.

Past due credit accounts are subject to a late payment charge of 1.25 percent per month, with a minimum of $1 per month.

If payment is not made in accordance with The Daily Pennsylvanian’s credit terms, The Daily Pennsylvanian may refuse to insert any further advertising.

Tearsheets are emailed on the day of publication, not with monthly statements. Tearsheets can be mailed upon request.

General Policies

The Daily Pennsylvanian reserves the right to revise its advertising rates and/or any other conditions set forth in this Rate Book at any time with 30 days’ notice.

All terms, conditions, and rates contained in this Rate Book are incorporated by reference and made part of The Daily Pennsylvanian Basic Advertising Contract. A complete list of contract terms and conditions are listed on The Daily Pennsylvanian’s Insertion Order and Annual Contract agreements, which are available upon request.

About Display Ads

Paper Sizes: The Daily Pennsylvanian prints its publications in two sizes. A full-size broadsheet newspaper is 12” wide by 21” tall with a maximum printed area per page of 10.875” wide by 20” tall. A tabloid pull-out is 10.5” wide by 12” tall with a maximum printed area per page of 9.046” wide by 10.5” tall.

Ad Sizes: Sizes are expressed as the number of columns wide by the number of inches tall (i.e. a “2 x 4” ad is 2 columns wide by 4 inches tall). Multiplying columns by inches gives the total number of column inches (i.e. 2 x 4 = 8 column inches). Multiplying column inches by the ad rate gives the ad cost.

Any ad size can be created according to these rules:

  • Widths are in full columns (no half-columns or fractions)
  • Heights are in half-inch increments; minimum height 1” tall
  • Minimum size: 2 col. inches (1 col. x 2” or 2 col. x 1”)
  • Broadsheet ads taller than 17” will be charged and run as a full page ad (20” tall). Tabloid ads taller than 8.5” will be charged and run as a full page ad (10.5” tall).

Common Display Ad Sizes

The Daily Pennsylvanian and The Summer Pennsylvanian are broadsheet newspapers. 34th Street Magazine is a tabloid section. Special issues vary; see page 15 for the format of each issue. Although many ad sizes are available, here are some of the most common sizes:

Full Page 6 col. x 20”
Two-thirds Page (vertical) 4 col. x 20”
Two-thirds Page (horizontal) 6 col. x 13.5”
Half Page (vertical) 4 col. x 15”
Half page (horizontal) 6 col. x 10”
Third Page 4 col. x 10”
Quarter page (vertical) 3 col. x 10”
Quarter Page (horizontal) 4 col. x 7.5”
Eighth Page (vertical) 2 col. x 7.5”
Eighth Page (horizontal) 3 col. x 5”
Sixteenth Page 2 col. x 4”
Full Page 5 col. x 10.5”
Half Page (vertical) 3 col. x 8.5”
Half page (horizontal) 5 col. x 5.5”
Quarter page (vertical) 2 col. x 6.5”
Quarter Page (horizontal) 3 col. x 5”
Eighth Page 2 col. x 3.5”
Summer At Penn
Full Page 7.125" x 8.75"
Half Page 7.125" x 4.75"
Quarter Page 3.5" x 4.75”

Ad Rates

Display Ad Rates

All display advertising rates are net rates, and are non-commissionable to agencies.The Local Open Rate is available to Philadelphia-area advertisers. University of Pennsylvania departments and organizations qualify for a Penn discount.

The National Open Rate applies to all advertisers outside of the Philadelphia area. A national advertiser may qualify for local rates if all advertisements specifically mention a Philadelphia-area retail/business location.

Rate Type Display Ad Rate Per column Inch
Local Open Rate $12.50
  Penn Discount Rate $11.25
National Rate $15.00


Any display ad using color — whether single or full color — incurs a flat charge for color printing. Press configurations may occasionally limit the location of color ads in an issue.

Color Open Rate $160
Color Contract Rates
Display Ad Size Rate
1-12 column inches $50.00
13-29 column inches $75.00
30-60 column inches $100.00
61-120 column inches $125.00

Local Contract Rates

Annual contracts provide discounted rates in exchange for an advance commitment to a minimum dollar amount of advertising within any 12-month period. Only Local advertisers (Philadelphia-area businesses and University of Pennsylvania departments and organizations) are eligible to sign an annual contract.

Contract Level Discount % Display Ad Rate Per Column Inch
$2,000 12% $11.00
$3,000 14% $10.75
$4,000 16% $10.50
$5,000 18% $10.25
$6,000 20% $10.00
$8,000 22% $9.75
$10,000 24% $9.50
$15,000 26% $9.25
$20,000 28% $9.00
$30,000 30% $8.75

Guaranteed Position

Guaranteed position only applies to specific pages or sections, not to the position of the ad on a page.

Position guarantees are sold on a first-come basis, based on availability. Not all position requests are possible due to layout and press configurations.

Alternatively, advertisers may request ad position, without a fee, but also without a guarantee of placement

Guaranteed Position 10% of ad space cost
($40 minimum charge)

Front Page Ads

For information regarding ad size and position, see page 9. Color is included in the cost of the ad. Local Contract customers may apply their discount percentage (see Local Contract Rates, page 10).

Front Page Ads Per Week Cost Per Add
1 $500
2+ $400


Local Contract customers may apply their discount percentage (see Local Contract Rates).

Puzzle Rate Cost Per Puzzle
Open Rate $75.00
2+ $65.00

Free-Standing Inserts

Local Contract customers may apply their discount percentage

Pages in Insert Cost Per Insert
1-19 $600.00
20+ $750.00

Internet Banner Ads

Local Contract customers may apply their discount percentage.

Standard Ads
Type of Banner Ad Rate Per 1,000 Impressions
Leaderboard $12.00
Medium Rectangle $12.00
Short-Term Run Ads
Type of Banner Ad Rate Per 1,000 Impressions
Leaderboard $18.00
Medium Rectangle $18.00

Headline Email Ads

Local Contract customers may apply their discount percentage. 5 consecutive day minimum.

Headline Email $100.00/day

Sponsored Tweets

Local Contract customers may apply their discount percentage. 4 tweet minimum, 2 tweets per customer/day maximum.

Sponsored Tweets $35.00/tweet

Free-Standing Inserts

Rate is determined by the number of rackbox units multiplied by the number of months. Local Contract customers may apply their discount percentage.

Rackboxes No. Units × Months Rate Per Unit Per Month
1-2 $350.00
3+ $250.00

The Summer Pennsylvanian

All rates for The Summer Pennsylvanian are lower than school-year rates, due to the smaller press run.

Type Rate Per Column Inch
Local Open Rate $8.70
  Penn discount Rate $8.40
  5 issue discount Rate $8.30
  10 issue discount Rate $7.90
National Rate $10.30

Summer At Penn

Type Rate Per Column Inch
Local Open Rate $8.70
  Penn discount Rate $8.40
  5 issue discount Rate $8.30
  10 issue discount Rate $7.90
National Rate $10.30

Ad Deadlines

Print Ad Deadlines

It is not necessary to “reserve space” prior to submitting an ad; both the ad order and ad copy are due by deadline.

Should ad copy not be received by deadline, the ad will be subject to cancellation from the edition. Advertising cancelled after deadline is subject to full charge.

Advertisers requiring proofs, please add one business day to the deadlines.

Occasionally, displays ads can be accepted after deadline. If a late ad order is accepted, there will be a late charge of 10% of the ad’s total cost.

The Daily Pennsylvanian 3p.m. 2 business days in advance
34th Street Magazine Fridays 4 business days in advance
The Summer Pennsylvanian Tuesdays 2 business days in advance
Special Issues Varried See Special Issues

Other Ad Deadlines

Internet, headline email, free-standing insert, and rackbox ads have slightly different deadlines, as they may require more time to set up.

Internet Ads
  Customer Supplied noon 1 business day in advance
  Ads to be Created/Modified noon 2 business days in advance
Headline Email noon 2 business days in advance
Free-Standing Inserts 1 Week delivered to printing plant
Rackbox Posters 3 Weeks Prior to start of month