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Anyone who is selected to join The Daily Pennsylvanian, Inc. — whether for one of our publications (The Daily Pennsylvanian, 34th Street, and/or Under the Button) or for our business team — will need to attend one diversity training and one company-wide training at the following times. Attendance is required, and all trainings will be held in the DP offices.

Diversity Trainings: Tuesday Jan. 30: 6-7 pm, Wednesday Jan. 31: 9-10 pm, Thursday Feb. 1: 7-8 pm, Friday Feb 2: 3-4 pm

Company Trainings: Tuesday Jan. 30: 7-8 pm, Wednesday Jan. 31: 8-9 pm, Thursday Feb. 1: 6-7 pm, Friday Feb 2: 2-3 pm


The Daily Pennsylvanian editorial departments work together to find and tell the most important stories on campus. Whether it's diving deep into an investigative story or capturing snapshots of people at the frontlines of Penn's history, the DP editorial side never stops making a difference.







Social Media



As a member of the News Department, you will be able to involve yourself in many of the most pressing issues on campus and in the Philadelphia community. Writing for News allows you to enact change on campus, hold institutions accountable, and understand the intricacies of student life and University operations. In News, you will learn not only how to report and investigate stories relevant to Penn’s campus and students, but also many key skills transferable to other careers.

In 2023, the News Department extensively covered administrative turmoil, student activism, Philadelphia's mayoral election and campaign, and much more. By joining News, you’ll have the opportunity to develop expertise in and report directly on the subjects that most interest you.

Follow in the footsteps of DP News alumni who work for top publications and companies like the New York Times, The Washington Post, Forbes, Vox, MTV, Politico and The Wall Street Journal — in addition to various former DPers practicing law and working in business.

No journalistic experience required — only curiosity and dedication.

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The Daily Pennsylvanian is a $3-million, student-run media organization. Our incredible teams work together to market our products and sustain our business. Through the DP, students experience working for a real company, with real staffers, clients, and revenues. Join one of our teams to gain an invaluable, hands-on experience unlike any other.

Strategy & Promotions

Accounting & Finance


Innovation Lab

DP Strategy & Promotions develops and enhances the unique brand identity of The Daily Pennsylvanian Inc., a $3 million dollar business. Our associates work to strategize and launch targeted product marketing campaigns that showcase the content of the DP, 34th Street Magazine, and Under the Button. This year especially, we will be working very closely with Innovation Lab, Analytics, and Editorial departments to drive key decisions on the DP’s core projects and products.

Strategy & Promotions is the perfect place to develop your creativity and sharpen your business skills because all our projects require a good mix of both. If you’re interested in all things product marketing, strategy, data-driven storytelling, or fostering “consumer” relationships, we need you to ensure that our content is reaching the right audience at the right time.

No prior experience is required — just a willingness to learn and readiness to take project ownership of marketing a product. Join us to gain some real-world business experience and an inspiring group of people!

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We are a group of student engineers dedicated to positively expanding the digital influence of The Daily Pennsylvanian around campus. Building useful and elegant products is the mission that unites our team. Our members include web and mobile developers, UI/UX designers, and data analysts.


DP Analytics is the data science and business analytics hub of the Daily Pennsylvanian. In Analytics, we seek to leverage modern tools and technologies to enhance the digital and data analytics capabilities of the DP.

Analytics staffers collaborate with departments including Strategy & Promotion, Innovation Lab, Social Media, and Editorial to provide valuable insights and drive key decisions on the DP’s core projects and products.

Members of our team will have the option to work in programming oriented roles such as developing content recommendation engines and automated metrics dashboard, as well as other technical roles like conducting A/B testing, surveys and drawing insights from industry tools like Google Analytics, Firebase and MailChimp.

Whether it is building detailed and interactive visualizations on Python, developing algorithms to analyze popular article topics, or working with various teams to drive growth in the DP’s business initiatives, DP Analytics staffers work on projects with direct impact on the DP, the Penn community, and a global readership audience. Apply today!

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ML Driven Content Based Recommendation Engine

34th Street Magazine

34th Street Magazine is your authority on Penn student life. We are a student magazine that empowers student voices, sheds light on student issues, and provides timely commentary on the arts and campus culture. We provide endless opportunities for a creative outlet: you can write cover stories, help envision marketing campaigns, design and lay out issues, attend press movie screenings, review top-rated restaurants, and even pitch your own content ideas.

As the hub for Penn voices and narrative, Street staffers cover arts, culture, and feature content. We are looking for writers, photographers, videographers, artists, and social media whizzes to create, package, and promote Street to the Penn audience. Writers can work for our Features, Focus, Style, Arts, Film & TV, Music, or Ego sections. Multimedia staffers work with either the Photo or Video departments. Illustrators and graphic designers create visuals, including our weekly print product, as part of the Design department. Social Media associates manage our social media and our newsletter, The Toast.

Street provides writers the opportunity to be creative in their pursuit of journalism, teaches Social Media staff how to build and promote a brand online, and gives photographers, videographers, and illustrators experience in creating engaging editorial visuals. Join Street to be part of a tight–knit community and learn from some of the most interesting and dedicated people at Penn—we promise you won’t regret it.

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Under the Button

Under the Button is Penn’s go-to source for daily humor and satire.

Our writing staff works around the clock to report on the stories that other media organizations wouldn’t dare touch due to editorial standards. Our video and media staff work to capture the real Penn experience through the lens of a camera we stole from the DP.

We are looking for talented writers, videographers, actors, graphic designers, coders, our dignity, ten gay rats, and your best brisket recipe. If you’re an all-around funny person looking for a way to subject the rest of campus to your sense of humor, we’re the publication for you.

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DP Foundation

Beyond an award winning editorial and media-business entity, the DP is a leading educational non-profit with a rich legacy of providing transformative experiences and financial support for Penn students. The DP Foundation was established in 2023 to ensure the DP’s long-term financial sustainability, spearhead institutional advancement initiatives, and manage large assets. We are seeking to build a close-knit, collaborative team of student leaders enthusiastic about our mission. The Foundation team will work closely with professional staff and alumni to tell the DP’s story, past, present and future, generating financial support and alumni involvement that will propel the organization forward. Our work directly impacts the lives of students on staff, as well as Philadelphia’s vibrant media ecosystem.

Institutional Advancement

Media & Technology

Working with an early-stage organization is an exciting opportunity to make real-world impacts while gaining professional experience in nonprofit management, social entrepreneurship and organizational development.

• Alumni Engagement: Build and maintain relationships with a portfolio of alumni donors through personalized outreach, volunteer assistance, events, fundraising campaigns, and stewardship activities. Manage and utilize records of interactions in the donor database.

• Institutional Giving: Identify and research potential institutional partners aligned with the Foundation's objectives. Craft tailored grant proposals, applications, and reports to secure funding for key initiatives. Cultivate and nurture relationships with a community of institutional donors.

The DP Alumni AssociationDP Futures Capital Campaign#GivingTuesday2023 Annual ReportMasthead Madness

Diversity, Inclusion, and Standards

The Diversity, Inclusion, and Standards Department is a reflection of the paper's commitment to progress. This department aims to ensure that the DP reflects the variety of voices on campus and fosters an inclusive and welcoming newsroom community. The DIS department will also ensure that all members of the DP uphold and represent the standards of the Daily Pennsylvanian, Inc.

The DIS department has two unique focuses: diversity and inclusion, and standards. Within diversity and inclusion focus, the department seeks to amplify underrepresented voices and perspectives, both in the company’s staff composition and in the stories we tell. It also aims to foster a work culture where every employee feels heard, valued, and empowered.

Within standards, the department will create and host training sessions for DP staffers and ensure that the DP has clear policies and standards for its members.

Key DIS projects including expanding on our diversity training and working on our annual diversity report.

No prior experience required! Join us to work on projects aimed at improving the DP’s company culture and making connections with other organizations on campus.

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